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FISH of Howard County, Inc.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

What Does "FISH" Stand For?

 Despite speculation that FISH stands for "Friends in Service to Humanity" or some other worthy phrase, FISH is NOT an acronym, which is why there are no periods after each letter. The letters do not stand for any specific words.

The fish symbol comes from biblical times when people escaping from persecution could find refuge and care at homes with a drawing of a fish on their doorways. 


That's how FISH got its name. The FISH movement began in England in 1961 to reawaken the practice of neighborliness -- caring about others. It spread through- out Britain, West Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan and the Cameroons. 

The concept came with William Turpin to the Church of the Good Shepherd in West Springfield, Massachusetts in 1964. There is no central headquarters to measure the movement's reach in the United States, but by the late 1960's, there were estimated to be over 100 chapters.

The volunteers of FISH of Howard County, Inc. represent a range of faiths, ages, cultures and backgrounds. They serve all county residents with legitimate needs. There is no religious component in FISH of Howard County's services.


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